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Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing Event


Join us as We STAND Together and Become A Voice For The Children...


       All Year Round Anti-Bullying Rallies

We offer Anti-Bullying Information from Elementary thru Colleges

             and we have ALL year round Events/Rallies.


Our Mission is to provide educational programs, bullying awareness, prevention and intervention programs, social skills cultural, and domestic violence programs and to have resources available to the community for at-risk children in the Metroplex Community area. Boosted adolescents self esteem by providing coaching and team building games, provide curriculum.  Many people name Bullying for EVERY crime/action as it relates to teens and that is incorrect.

We offer Parents Workshop on Bullying. A lot of time the parents do not have the information on bullying awareness and they have no clue on what to do next when it come to their child(ren) been bullying or had an trauma experience in situation of life. Parents have several questions and the questions they ask people do not go with the answers so they become more helpless than before. 


We want to help and stop the Confusion.  

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