Starlette 'Star' Strong, is the President and Founder of Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing nonprofit organization in Metroplex Community and Motivational Speaker. National Anger Management Association, Board Certified Anger Management Specialist, Anger Management Institute of CounselorCare, P.C. and Ordained, License Minister. 

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Ten years ago, I went through a divorce and I moved back to Dallas, Texas with our three daughters. Two of my daughters went to the same Middle School, and sometime during the school year there was group of girls following my daughters around the school campus, then the group of girls followed my daughters to our home after school and wanted to fight them. My reaction was calling the police to report the girls.  I told the police officer this is harassment, stalking, verbal attack, and gang related!


The next day I went to the school to report the occurrence to the principal, she said “There is nothing we can do about this because I had a meeting with the kids’ parents, and the parents act just like their kids.” “This group of girls is fighting other girl students to make them be their girlfriend, and it is out of control!”  “These girls have taken over the school; there are continuous fights during school and after school with this group of girls.”


In less than a week I took my daughters out of that Middle School and transferred them to another Middle School. The group of girls found out what Middle School my daughters attended, and the word was out that these girls was coming to fight my daughters. I reported this information to my daughters’ Middle School, and the principal said “That will not happen here, we will take care of that, your children will be safe and protected.”  This Middle School took care of the situation, my daughters were in a safe environment and protected.



You have a school that is uneducated and does not know what to do in certain issues, situation and another school that took action in the situation.  God touched my heart in September of 2013 to put my bakery business on hold because many children were crying out for help due to Bullying. My Family  supports me in this decision, too.

I am here to bring awareness about Bullying and the resources available to the community.



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