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Anti-Bullying Association

LaToyia Goodman, In His Image, is owned and operated by a licensed Cosmetologist and started her salon in 2004 after spending a year working in a prestigious upscale Dallas salon. During her tenure at Evelynn Kershaw Salon, Ms. Goodman not only learned how to work with all hair types but also all types of personalities.   Ms. Goodman’s vision is to expand beyond hair care and convert In His Image into an experience in many ways that resemble those of a day spa. Since the year 2014 thru 2016, there have been two Anti-Bullying Rallies each year at In His Image Salon.

Karen McGhee, is an Evangelist and has served in ministry and community for more than 20 years and more. "A Servants Heart" she walks in her and passion for help, healing, and deliverance. She is the President and Founder of (WOPDC) "Women Of Purpose Destiny and Change. A women outreach to Empower, Encourage and Edify women to walk in their Divine purpose, healing, and Freedom. She hosts Tea Parties, Events, and fellowship gatherings with "A Servants Heart of care and compassion for women hurting and abused. She is also an entrepreneur and owner of 2 businesses New Healing Hands Massage and Royal Creations and Designs she is a Certified Massage Therapist and has a  Certification in Medical assistance, Administrative Assistant as well. 

Sherry Benjamin, a lifelong learner, dedicated to making a difference in the life of others has served as a teacher in the urban school setting for over 20 years. She holds a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Studies and is currently pursuing a  Doctorate Degree in Administration and Management.  With a purpose to help children embrace their natural way of learning and cultivating the genius in each child, she has founded " The Way We Learn Inc ", a platform for children to learn with their "personal design" in mind. 

Mary Miller, is the founder and CEO of Excellence by Design Education Center, a non-profit organization, that is committed to closing achievement gaps of disadvantaged and underserved youth.   I believe that the art of educating is crucial because education is the strong foundation on which this nation was built, and it is the fabric that will continue to hold this nation together”. My personal mission as a professional educator is to continue to provide a nurturing and positive environment as a framework that allows collaboration with schools, community organizations, and parents to provide a strategic holistic approach to programming and youth support that links school, community, and family resources. This framework will enable youth to have a voice in their community, their schools, and society as a whole. My educational background includes a Masters in Educational Administration from Texas A & M University-Commerce, Texas; Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas. I am currently a candidate to receive a Doctor of Education in Educational Administration from Texas A & M University, Commerce. I am a certified K-12 principal and hold an English Language Arts and Reading teacher certification, grades 4-8. My experience includes a 27-year career in education at both the secondary and post-secondary, levels as a professor, teacher, and principal.


Sonja Stanton, is a Health and Wellness Coach & Consultant, an Ordained Elder, and Director of the Health and Wellness Ministry at More Than Conquerors Christian Center in Dallas, Texas, and a fierce advocate of healthy living through biblical principles. She teaches, educates, and Coaches people from all walks of life using Biblical Principles and Encourages them to start a new journey to WHOLENESS by using these principles one day at a time helping them to look good & to feel good about themselves. Sonja is also an Independent Agent and Teaches Financial Literacy and helps to make sure that your Estate is in order. Sonja Motivates, Inspires, Empowers, and Teaches people to Live Life Successfully by Leaving a Generation of Health and Wealth. She is also the Co-Host of The Warroom Women of God Radio Round Table Talk Show -Previously on KHVN, now on The Fishbowl Internet Radio -The Red Stream.

Nola Parker, is a unique blend of a visionary, coach, and exemplary teacher. Drawing from her wealth of experience in life, she utilizes well-validated techniques and principles, which have proven to be effective over time. Nola uses her creative writings as a tool to fight against all sorts of abuse and maltreatment in society. As a Veteran of the United States Navy, she now is an Employment Specialist who aims to assist her fellow veterans’ transition from homelessness to a life of stability by finding suitable employment based on their skills and abilities. Nola is enthusiastically responsive to the needs of disenfranchised citizens and advocates for them always. Nola holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and Behavioral Science, a Diploma in Legal Studies, Mental Health Studies, and also a Diploma in Teaching Skills.

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