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Bullying is often a trending news item, but what most people do not hear about is the bullying that some people experience while also battling cancer.


Also heard less often are stories about adults as victims of bullying. Childhood bullying is probably more common, but adult bullying does happen and can have similarly devastating consequences.

Living with and fighting cancer is difficult. Patients living with mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other types of this terrible illness should not have to also deal with being bullied, but it does happen.


The consequences may include physical harm, emotional damage, depression and anxiety, and others.


Bullying can be prevented and eliminated, whether the victim is an adult or child with cancer, by having loved ones who are aware and caring who are willing to see the signs and make sure the behavior stops.

Latest project

Write A Letter To Myself


We are more honest with ourselves than we are to the people who love us and concern about us, etc.


We express ourselves in writing, sports activities, dance, music, pictures, etc. And we still have unresolved anger issues in our life.


We say to ourselves,

'What can I do to fix me? How can I get better in this? Why want they listen to me? Who do I talk to?


Questions after questions, after questions and You are asking the correct questions but sometimes being the Child it's hard for us to communicate with an Adult.

How to help

We travel to every city and community to give information to the public about Bullying Awareness and inform people on how seriously it is to get children some help. We are there when the children are emotional distress, helpless and feel all alone, we are the Voice for the children when they are Silence. We need sponsors that will help us finance our vision so we can continue with the programs that we already have established. We would like to thank you in advance for all the help you are giving.





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