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Counseling Session

Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing organization nonprofit has counseling available for the ages of elementary schools thru colleges and parents, we are here to help and support the community that brings changes for the at-risk children that is/has been victimized and traumatized due to the fear of bullying and cyber-bullying. Let us continue to be a resource for the community by volunteering and supporting.


Our Mission is to educate parents and students about bully awareness, prevention and the resources available to the community for at-risk children in the Metroplex Community area . Boosted adolescents self esteem by providing coaching and team building games, provide curriculum.  Many people name Bullying for EVERY crime/action as it relates to teens and that is incorrect.



We provide services for Family Counseling and Anger Management Counseling consist of Anti-Bullying & Cyber Bullying, Unresolved Issues and Long Distance Counseling. We counsel any age. Please fill out form if seeking for help at the bottom page. 

Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing organization provides one-on-one counseling for pre-teens and teens.  Teenagers are a unique group and have special needs in counseling. Victims of bullying may find a supportive and safe environment to address their feelings in counseling or therapy. Being a victim of bullying can result in difficult emotions such as angershameanxiety, and isolation. Counseling can help victims of bullying notice, share, and process painful feelings, which left unattended can negatively impact one's personal well-being. Some people who are victims of bullying may internalize the role of victim, which can cause challenges in one's relationships and one's sense of self.


Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing organization can help a person better understand how this role impacts their lives, as well as teach coping skills for moving forward, such as assertive communication and boundary-setting. Some victims of bullying benefit from support groups or group session, in which people who have experienced similar types of victimization can support one another in healing. People who bully others may also benefit from counseling, though they may be reluctant to acknowledge their bullying behavior openly.


In counseling, bullies may begin to understand the impact their hurtful behavior has on others, explore reasons for why they bully, learn new skills for communicating positively with others, and address personal experiences that may have contributed to their bullying behavior. Often bullies have unresolved personal wounds that contribute to their bullying behavior, and addressing these emotional wounds or identity and social issues can be an integral step towards stopping bullying behavior.

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