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Be A Voice For The Children


Many children are afraid and crying out for help, they feel alone and think no-one will listen, the children search for protection and are in need of a safe environment. We are here to let them know that their cries have been heard, we speak for the children when they can't speak for themselves, let's show them that it's ok. This is why we as PARTNERS have decided to be A Voice For The Children. 


We will promote your involvement and your interests during our pre-event promotions, press release, media recognition, other publicity, company logo/bio shown on ABTR website with hyperlink to company's website,  annual listing in e-Newsletter, e-Blast to all partners and much more. We will inform our customers that you are a partner and A Voice For The Children.



We have an awesome support teams and are still looking for other partners to participate in Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing organization to become A Voice For The Children. If you would like to become a partner, please contact us. 



A Voice For The Children, to speak loud and not be ashamed of who we are, we stand firm and let the Nation know that we stand together as one. We bring attention to our awareness and not let fear stand in our way. Duties calls...for we are the soldiers that continues to march on for the children sake. We don't hesitate, we response quickly until the day turn into night, we carried the children in our hearts. We take charge and command BULLYING TO STOP! A Voice For The Children! We have a vision and plan that God continues to direct our FOOTSTEPS as we go into the WORLD and bring back the children to SAFETY.   A Voice For The Children, that is who we are, the PARTNERS that remain in UNITY.  

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