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Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing program have creative activities available for the parents and children to do together to bring a connection to them with education learning. There are several education programs where parents and children can enjoy learning more about their identity and curriculum development. 




Write A Letter To Myself

Writing a letter to yourself is a good exercise to do, everybody should do it.


You are allowing all hurt, pain, suffering, fear, joy, happiness, anger, and sadness to be shared only by you on paper. You are releasing all anxiety, stress, and pressure off you.


Next you mailed the letter to yourself and before you open it, you get with us, and we will work with you not against you.


Creative Business Minded


​Creative Business Minded:

It gives information of your own ideas and pictures that you will creative on paper.

It's just like a 3D movie, once you get everything in line, it comes out as a clear or complete picture.


We bring business educational to our children and teach them how to be creative so they can start their own business at a young age. 


Art is creative ideas in your mind and it shuffle words (letters) and pictures around in your mind to actually put it into a form, to understand yourself, and your ideas.

Vegetables Are Super Good For The Body.

Which vegetable are you?

Knowing who you are and loving you.



Food vs. You, now who will win that war? Since we all know we can't do without each other.


This is what we need... We desire... and We got to have.... We are just like Peaches and Cream...more please.

A Parent and Child Connecting.

A parent and a child doing things together as they connect as one.

It brings friendship with love, concern, hope, and understanding.


Kids express their emotions with bullying, hitting, kicking, stealing, damage property, etc.


We educate them on how to express their self another way through communications skills, emotional intelligence, styles of managing conflict, Negotiation, stress management and resiliency (the ability to recovery from).

PR Special Project.

Full Course Meal

​Your Identity...


The question is?? If you could describe yourself in a Full Course Meal, what would it be and why?


I'm talking about your identity. 


Full Course Meal, and Soup, consist of: Dessert, Main Meal, Appetizer, 

Soup. When having a Full Course Meal, what food is serving first? 


Put it into order and tell me why choose it. 

Dessert Accomplish, Teamwork...


It's not me, me, me, or I, I, I...

Mmm it's we... It's what  we can do as a team together creating new ideas, been creative in the recipes, and brainstorming on what come next.


It's okay if I don't have the answer but if we work as a team than we both can share in our adventures together and not compete against each other or ourselves.


On hands in the kitchen, working in the kitchen as a team, connecting and bringing Unity as ONE.

Educational Programs

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