Anti-Bullying Screenvision Media and Smartlite's Sponsorship

Our Mission is to educate parents and students about bully awareness, prevention and

the Resources Available in the Community. We want to Be A Voice For The Children

by Supporting and Donating for the Cause...

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The Anti-Bullying Teen Roughing is a nonprofit 501( c )3 organization has been in operation since 2014 and the organization exists to provide awareness about Bullying and the resources available to the community for at-risk children in the Metroplex Community area. We have anti-bullying programs that are in the independent school districts. 



We travel to every city and community to spread the message to the public about Bullying Awareness. We are there when the children are emotionally distressed, helpless and feeling alone. We are the Voice for the Children when they are Silence. You are an important part of our mission and we sincerely thank you.

We have an opportunity to go even farther in our mission to reach the children of our Dallas -Ft. Worth communities. Through a special partnership with Screenvision Media and Smartlite's we can reach our communities through area movie theaters at the heart of the communities we serve. Through this partnership we will be able to reach Wylie, Richardson, Dallas, Lewisville, The Colony, Carrollton, Colleyville, Ft. Worth, Grand Prairie, Lake Worth, Arlington and Plano!

We will have commercials rotating throughout these Cinemas during the Front + Center show which is the entertainment, trivia and advertising show that runs right before the movie starts. (Cinema Commercial on several Movie Theaters). We also have an option to have animated digital posters located in the lobby of theaters in Colleyville, Dallas, Richardson, Lewisville, The Colony, and much more. There are over 1,346,302,875 tickets sold in the Movie Theaters in 2018.

We will have Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing in front of thousands of people each day at several Malls.  Every one of these people can benefit from the message. The Shopping Malls sees an average of 1,084,000 people per month. Through this sponsorship we will be able to reach Mesquite, Plano, Cedar Hill, Frisco, Fort Worth, Lewisville and many more.

We're looking to raise awareness, to support the needs of underserved at-risk children in the community, donations will help and a transportation van, need a facility space for at-risk children to provide service.

You will be able to help us accomplish goal, assist members of our community, save lives, provide service for educational underserved and at-risk children in the community that been traumatized as a victim due to neglect, depression, anxiety, bullying, suicide. Help us continue to provide free service for the underserved and at-risk children in the community.

Anti-Bullying Sponsorship Levels:  

  • Screenvision Media (Cinema Commercials on 12 Movie Theaters) Sponsorship $15,000 (a year).  

  • Smartlite's (Thousands of people each day at 6 Malls) Sponsorship $25,000 (a year). 


In appreciation of your anticipated sponsorship donation, we would like to offer you which include: sponsor directory in the Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing (Brochures, Website,) for one year. Recognition in all promotional print, media, television, radio, news and magazines. Full page in Advertise Booklet (color). Sponsorship T-Shirts with Company Logo. A five-minute presentation and recognition at the event. Corporate Logo and Name, Recognition on Event Collateral, Electronic communications, posters, media, campaigns and Press Release. An exhibitor's table in our vendor's networking area. Promotional Bag (Company Business Card inside) for advertisement to give to attendee. Recognition in all E-blast and mailings and websites (Company, Logo, Website Link). 1,000 Customized Sponsorship Business Cards (color) stated as Sponsor with Company Name, Logo and Phone Number.

We are requesting sponsorship donation, you may choose to have your name or your business name or logo listed on all promotional materials that drive teens and community members to our website and Facebook account through Screenvision Media!

I hope you see this as an important part of our outreach to area teens, parents, educators and the greater DFW community at large. Please take a moment to fill out the attached sponsorship commitment form and help me take Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing to the BIGGEST screens in Dallas and Fort Worth!!


Join us as we become a Community Resource around the world by having Anti-Bullying information in the Shopping Malls, the Cinema Movie Theaters, Billboards and much more. 


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