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  • It has equipped me with the tools necessary to handle a bullying situation and has helped me to be more sensitive to others and their feelings in a personal or business situation. 

  • Trey Moffet, Founder of NuDawn Praise



  • The Anti-Bullying Teen Roughing organization led by Star Strong has been a tremendous asset to my organization, The Victory Program.  I’ve realized that building my network is important and I’m always excited to team with Star Strong and the Anti-Bullying Teen Bullying organization.  There have been several events and key individuals that I’ve got the chance to meet and work with because of their connections.  Star Strong is truly big on helping our younger generation and gives back to the Community.  With a positive attitude and a heart to help others, Star Strong has really given her all to this cause with passion and courage.  

  • Antonio Holloway, President-Victory Program. 



  • "The A.B.T.R. is a positive, intercultural motivating force that represents the core of compassion, unity, increased awareness, empowerment, and strength in its ability to impact and transform lives." "As a parent, aunt, and business owner, I believe in their mission and vision. "The A.B.T.R. is a priceless asset in our country." 

  • Tabetha McLemore, Founder of Community Health Integrated Services of Texas, Inc. (CHIST Inc.)



  • ​At the Anti-Bullying Teen Roughing Event, I feel the girls really learned a lot about Bullying, it was a great event. I also feel that the Speakers gave out a lot of great information.

  • Coach Linda - Dynamic Divas Dance Team from R.C. Burleson Elementary School



  • The Anti-Bullying Teen Roughing Event has been beneficial to my family because of the enlightening information that has been presented to us. Being educated on reasons why teens bully other peers, whom to contact, and where to turn is monumental. A parent and teen with knowledge and strategy can and will be conquerors if there their teen is the predator or prey. I wish I had this information when my child was going through this. We had limited information and I truly would like to assist others to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. I'm truly happy that a program like this exists. I know lives have and will change because of these community events.

  • LaToyia Goodman, Founder of In His Image Salon



  • "Star Strong's work with the Anti-Bullying Program is very much commended and all of us at BREEJ Technologies support the encouragement of our youth to respect and empower everyone.  The youth of today will be part of our workforce and customer base in the near future" -

  • Aloy Anaebonam, PhD - Founder & Chief Scientist; BREEJ Advanced Shaveware



  • MY PARTNERSHIP WITH THE TEEN-ROUGHING ORGANIZATION, As a street officer I have seen the tremendous increase in teen bullying and gang violence from both sides, that of the victim and perpetrator.  If you will allow me a few minutes, I will tell you a little about three situations that occurred that led me to Ms. Star and her Anti Bullying Teen Rough-Ing Organization.  But this was only after pleas to members of the Dallas Police Department, Dallas Independent School District officials, and parents had failed miserably. 

  • The first incident involved a thirteen-year-old Hispanic female who was stalked by a group as she walked home from school.  Just because they could, the boys provoked the girls in the group into bullying and punching the young lady until they knocked her to the ground.  Once on the ground, the group beat and stomped on her until she nearly lost consciousness.  As a result of the attack, she suffered numerous bruises, abrasions, a broken jaw, and a bruise spine.  Her mother, who had to quit her job to care for her child until she was well enough to go back to school, moved the family to another part of the city to avoid any further attacks.  

  • The next incident involved a twelve-year-old black female who was chased through the school each day at lunchtime by a group of bullies. On this particular day, she felt she couldn't take the taunts, name-calling, and abuse anymore and ran into an empty classroom to get away from her bullies.  Once inside the classroom, she locked the door, took off her belt, threw it across the rafter then stood on a chair.  She placed the belt around her neck and stepped off the chair in an attempt to hang herself.  Luckily for her, the belt snapped and she merely sustained a few bruises.  I approached her, gained her confidence and asked if she mind if I asked her a question. When she said yes, I asked "Do you want to kill yourself, do you really want to die today?" she looked at me with piercing eyes and said "no, I don't want to die, I just wanted to hurt myself so they will feel sorry for me and stop picking on me."   

  • The last incident involved a pair of brother (black young men) who were basically bullied, picked on, threaten and assaulted by a large group of neighborhood children nearly every day on the way home form school.   The boys mother informed me one of her sons had started taking the long way home (miles longer) to avoid being jumped on.  On the day of the call, the bother who continued the same route home was once again jumped the group.  When he arrived home, he was beaten and tattered.  He ran into his closet, put a belt around his neck and attempted (thank God unsuccessfully) to hang himself.  When the other brother arrived home and found out what happened, he asked his mother for money to buy a taser.  When she asked what was he going to do with a taser, he stated, "take it to school so we can defend ourselves. Its against the law to take a gun to school."    

  • I bought all of these instances to the attention of my superiors and the school officials.  As usual, I got no response from anyone within DPD.  I spoke to a high ranking official in the DISD Police Department and informed him that since each of these incidents occurred or originated from the same school, we could work out a plan to put an end to all of the bulling before some terrible happened.  He informed me he had heard nothing of any of those incidents and that I must have spoken to some disgruntled parents.  I told him thank you for the time and goodbye...  And we wonder why America has so many instances of children involved violence at school.  Maybe it's because the adults who are supposed to protect them, fail them.  

  • Then..... Along comes Ms.Star Strong and her program.  I finally found someone else who cared. From the first telephone conversation, she was on it. Without hesitation, she agreed to meet and speak with a group of at-risk children from my area as a part of my Midnite Basketball/Life Skills Program.  Her presentation and program was a great success.  During the presentation, not only did Ms. Strong address bullying and why it's wrong and the harmful effects it can have on the person being bullied, she also discussed the underlying causes of bullying and got us to focus on the child actually doing the bullying.  The program makes you take a look at what is going on in the life of that person to cause them to act out in such a manner.  She also help me put a better name on bullying.  ASSAULT...  Whether physical or verbal, it's an assault and assaults or against the Law...  Thank you Ms. Strong, you made so many of the children feel as if they too were a "Star".  Thanks to your program the number of instances of bullying (assaults) by our children have began to dissipate.   We still have a ways to go but we are on the right path.

  • Sgt. Dannie Lawson, BPA/NBPA



  • Working with Anti Bullying and Teen Roughing events has had a positive affect on me and my Clients, Royal Kinection.  Attending the events have helped to educate RK on the many faces of bullying.  They have been able to learn, through the testimonies from others, that simple acts of teen roughing can also go too far.  Star Strong and her organization is making a positive difference in the fight to bring awareness to these much needed issues affecting our youth around the world.

  • Toya Morton, Royal Kinection Manager/alieNation

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