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Panel Discussion on Anti-Bullying

We travel to every city and community to get the WORD OUT about Anti-Bullying Teen Bullying and this is the number (1) one rage in the society.  Our Goal is to bring awareness about Bullying and the resources available to the community; to educate teens, parents and citizens throughout communities about correct information on Bullying. Many people name Bullying for EVERY crime/action as it relates to teens and that is incorrectInvite us to come to your city or community so we all can come together as Unity bringing in connection with different organizations, schools, programs, and business in your area to provide for the people. We help you as you help us. We leave our footprint to bring Unity in the community and to bring that connection of change in the atmosphere to new beginning by Being A Voice For The Children. 


This is how it works, it is a (1) one day event, you invite us to your city or community, and we get with your community several days before the event; we find several schools, programs, business, organizations, etc. in your area and get things set in order so everything will be available for the people before the event and after the event. Some people don't know what is available in their community or who do they go to, until people come out and branch together as a team. Then, they will see us as that picture that turns into reality, saying 'Let us work together because we are concern for the children. If you would like for us to come to your city or community to do Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing Event, please Let us know 2 or 3 months ahead of time to reserved a spot for you.


Our TEENS have some Unresolved ANGER Issues in their life and they are using their Mouth (teasing, gossiping, spitting, hollering, screaming, mean words, name calling, threats), Hands (hitting, slapping, pinching, pulling, grabbing, stabbing, anonymous text, pushing), Feet (kicking, stomping), and Body Weight (seating on you, pushing).

To Get OUR ATTENTION!! This is a FREE Event!!












Panel Discussion on Anti-Bullying will be: Chaplin Rayford Butler, Specialist Anger Management Rick Johnson, LegalShield Antonio Holloway, Dallas District Attorney Heath Harris, Judge Andrea Martin, Judge Kim Cooks, Judge Valencia Nash, Judge Thomas G. Jones, Sgt. Willie Ford and Sgt. Dannie Lawson.


The Panel Discussion on Anti-Bullying is for the parents, the parents are uneducated in the bullying prevention and intervention. Parents are not educated in identify bullying behaviors, bullying trigger points, bullying warning signs, trigger sign of unresolved anger issues, and the parents are uneducated. I feel like if the parents were educated in bullying prevention and intervention it would be less children commit suicide from bullying. The parents would be able to resolve that issue ahead of time before a child has actually committed the crime of suicide or the thoughts of committed the crime of suicide. There are 160,000 kids stay home from school every day because of fear of bullying.


There are a lot of schools that are uneducated on Bullying, they are clueless and they are only going by what they were taught or educated in that area. The schools teach the habits, character, personality, emotions or lifestyle of Bullying but they really don't know what Bullying is. 1st We need to identify, what is bullying? We ALL need to be educated in the correct information about Bullying.


The Panel Discussion on Anti-Bullying will help the parents on questions and answers they need to know about bullying; the parents are seeking for answers for their children that are already in a situation of bullying and the school is at a limit on how far it can go with bullying, after that there is no solution. We have professional people who are on the panel discussion; they are concern and are ready to give answers to the people. They are partners of Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing and these of the people that will be on the panel discussion Heath Harris, Andrea Martin, Kim Cooks, Chaplin Rayford Butler, etc.


The Entertainment is for the children, creative activities, and creative ideas for the children. We bring Live Entertainment, and Live Performance (Mime, Steppers, Singing, Rapping, Spoken Words), this is to encourage, to motivate, to build up self esteem, to strengthen them with positive words, to educate, to bring people together, to teach them teamwork, to teach them how to use positive communication, to build up confidence, and to set goals.  At the event, we will have teens to join in and show us their talents. There are opportunities that are available for the children and we need your support.


We bring to the people 'Panel Discussion on Anti-Bullying' questions and answers you need to know.

  • Did you know that when you are a victim that has been bully in school, the school transfers the victim child to another school worst than the school you are at? When the victim of a child is transfer to that school, only 3 things come to their mind:  

  • #1 Suicide,   #2 Revenge, and #3 Become A Bully. (Anti-Bullying Texas Policy and Laws, parents you need to know).

  • Suicide: Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC. A study in Britain found that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying In 2005, there were 270 children in the 10-14 age group killed themselves, (AAS).  Since 2002, at least 15 schoolchildren ages 11 to 14 have committed suicide in Massachusetts, three of the children were 11 years old.   April 20, 2009 "Constantly Bulled, Carl Ends His Life at Age 11.  

  • Revenge:  Most of the school shooting attackers was current students at the school, a few were former students. In 2013, Teen shooter targeted two classmates he believed bullied him at Taft Union High School in California.   The 16-year-old suspect in shooting at Taft Union High School near Bakersfield allegedly used a list of bullies to target specific students during attack.  In April 2, 2012 another school erupted with gunfire from a student, resulting in the death of seven people.   In 2012 in Ohio, 17-year-old T. J. Lane walked into Chardon High School on a shooting rage resulting in three dead and two wounded. In 2007 at the Virgina Polytech Institute, Seung-Hui Cho a student went on a rampage killing thirty-two people and taking his own life. 

  • Become a Bully: In 1999 in Colorado, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold began the massacre in Columbine High School killing thirteen and injuring twenty-four. Reports reveal that they were targets of bullying who in return became bullies and began bullying others.

  • The victim child needs some help on how to deal with depression, anxiety attack, suicide thoughts, revenge, and unresolved anger issues.



These are some of the Questions we have for the Panel Discussion on Bullying:



  • How to identify bullying?



  • How common is bullying?



  • Does age make a difference?



  • Are there differences in the bullying experiences of girls and boys?



  • How popular are victims and bullies?




  • Who do children tell when they are being bullied?



  • Why don't children tell?



  • Does bullying cause problems in later years?



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