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The Anti-Bullying Teen Roughing organization that has been in operation since February 17, 2014.


The organization exists to provide awareness about Bullying, educational curriculum, and the resources available to the community for at-risk children in the Metroplex Community area.

We have Anti-Bullying programs in the Dallas - Ft. Worth Metroplex independent school district and we educate students from elementary to colleges. 


IRC Sections 509(a)(1), 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) 


Our Mission is to provide educational programs, bullying awareness, prevention and intervention programs, social skills cultural, and domestic violence programs, and to have resources available to the community for underserved at-risk children and their families in the Dallas-Fort Worth Community.



Our CHILD have some unresolved anger issues in their life and they are using their Mouth (teasing, gossiping, spitting, hollering, screaming), Hands (hitting, slapping, pinching, pulling, grabbing, stabbing, anonymous texts), Feet (kicking, stomping), and Body Weight (seating, pushing) to get our ATTENTION.


We have several professional partners that are on the Panel Discussion speaking on Bullying and we bring Live Entertainment, Live Performance (Mime, Steppers, Singing, Rapping, Spoken Words), to encourage, to motivate, to build up self-esteem, to strengthen them with positive words, to educate, to bring people together, leadership, to teach them teamwork, to teach them how to use positive communication, to build up confidence, and to set goals.

White Structure


The Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing program has creative activities for the parents and children to do together to bring a connection to them with education learning. There are several education programs where parents and children can enjoy learning more about their identity and curriculum development. Children will be able to express themselves through talents, plays (skit), and entertainment. This will build their self-esteem, it will teach them teamwork and how to use positive communication, etc.




Boosted adolescent's self-esteem by providing coaching and team-building games, provide a curriculum. 

Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing Event is an ALL year around Event and it is important for us to know the correct information on bullying. What is Bullying? What is Not Bullying? The signs of Suicide, Suicidal Behaviors, Suicidal Patterns, Organized Crime, Anti-Bullying Anger Management, etc.



We travel to every city and community to get the WORD OUT about Anti-Bullying Teen Rough-Ing and this is the number (1) one rage in the society. And to educate students, parents, and citizens throughout communities about correct information on Bullying.


Many people name Bullying for EVERY crime/action as it relates to teens and that is incorrect.  

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